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MobileIron ATP Authorized

PaRaBaL prides itself on being the sole MobileIron Authorized Training Partner for the United States. As a result of this opportunity, PaRaBaL offers frequent Sys-Admin Courses that allow for students to have an intimate training environment. The trainings themselves allow for integration into the MobileIron University. Furthermore, PaRaBaL has the capability to perform more tailored trainings in order to suit your organization's needs.

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MobileIron Certified Instructor

Certified & Seasoned

PaRaBaL's instructor have not only passed rigorous requirements to become MobileIron Certified, but are also the same technicians that are on-site, working and gaining experience.

This approach, allows for the curriculum to be augmented with experience in dealing with MobileIron System Administration across a variety of industries and use cases.

About the Course

PaRaBaL's MobileIron Sys-Admin course is a condensed one-day course running from 10:00AM until 5:00PM EST. During this course, Sys-Admins will learn a myriad of topics about the MobileIron product, including how to properly administer it.

These trainings will occur at our offices at 8 Market Place, Suite 402, Baltimore Maryland, 21202.

In order to have such personalized learning environments, the trainings are limited to just five students.