We Know Mobile Devices Inside and Out.


In 2009, PaRaBaL was contracted to take apart the iPhone and Android software stacks. PaRaBaL's Genesis was born from Full Anatomical Understanding of Mobile Devices - Technical Autopsy of the Device is the antecedent of PaRaBaL Labs - the DNA creating the PaRaBaL Labs.

At PaRaBaL, we believe that in order to fully understand a device on a technical level, one must learn the anatomy and be capable of ripping a device apart and rebuilding it. Born from this deep technical understanding is the PaRaBaL Labs - where PaRaBaL rips apart devices, both literally and figuratively.

Mobile Labs

PaRaBaL can provide testing for various MDMs, Products, and other Penetration Tests performed on all things mobile.


PaRaBaL has knowledge and experience Extracting, and Re-Assembling Data Storage in order to find cohesive and useful information.

Mobile OS Analysis

PaRaBaL analyzes the OS components, frameworks, and functions in order to gain an understanding of the device from the ground up.

Network Analysis

PaRaBaL details the communications occurring over all Radios and Ports including NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi sensors on the devices.