Where did IT Customer 

Support Go?

And with Enterprise Mobility’s complexities, can you afford to rely on a single vendor’s questionable support for your entire multi-vendor Enterprise Mobile Program?

44% of IT Managers say they do not feel companies make it easy to contact them for service*

21% of IT Managers say they never even get a response*

40% of IT Managers say they need to contact a manufacturer two or more times before Corp IT issues are resolved.*

42% customers have to repeat their issue to multiple agents**

Mark Cuban predicted on Shark Tank that the company that solves the IT support question will make a trillion dollars.***

“Companies (Software Manufacturers) look at their bottom line. As margins get squeezed, customer service comes on the radar as a possible line item that can be cut. And, since it can be quite expensive, it is a tempting target.“

-Chiranjeev Kohli, a Cal State Fullerton marketing professor

Does it need to be this way? With all the parts that complicate Enterprise Mobility, ranging from corporate security standards all the way to user enablement and experience, can you afford bad support and assistance from just the product companies? IT systems for corporations are so critical that efficient and quick response is needed – especially when it comes to an ever-changing Mobile landscape.

PaRaBaL has created an Enterprise Mobility service specifically built fo r the Corp IT Managers who are under the gun. PaRaBaL is a platform-agnostic company with expertise on all major manufacturers and vendors. We work to identify the issue whether it be iOS, Android, EMM software or network related and get it solved; all with an expert who is articulate and ready to talk live on the phone. The cost is 1/3 the cost of a full-time employee and 1/20th the cost of a full-time outsourced consultant.

Don’t settle for poor service! “We don’t support that – it’s not an issue with our product,” automated scripts generated from computers/chat windows, pre-scripted email responses that don’t answer questions or drive you to a video that just tries to sell you another product; you’ll never get this from PaRaBaL. Avoid those pitfalls and give us a call to learn more about our Enterprise Mobility Mobile IT Administ ration Support Packages when you just need help to fix what’s not working in your corporate mobile infrastructure.

Good customer service is personalized, responsive and competent. If you specialize in Customer Service – it’s not a side business where you look to cut corners and costs – Use PaRaBaL’s services.

*Northridge Group – a leading management consulting firm specializing in customer experience solutions


***Motley Fool

Additional resource: “Tech Support Rage” – New York Times – July 13, 2016