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Mobile Devices have changed our personal lives - but businesses and our productive lives have been slow to keep up. PaRaBaL solves that problem and focuses on a better lifestyle for employees and a more productive and happy employee for employers. 

Here at PaRaBaL, our mission is to help organizations transition mobile devices into their vocational environments. Enterprise Mobile Security requires an essential focus when working with mobile devices, as the integrity of corporate information is of the utmost importance.

Whether the devices are corporate-owned or BYOD, we can work with you to manage and secure your data to create an effective and mobile workplace. We have produced a number of world-class services and partnered with a small set of the best software companies in the world, creating a 100% mobile focused business. Our team of experts collaborate to design unique policies for each client, creating the perfect policy to fit a client's specific needs.

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Charmed We Are - In Baltimore!

Headquartered in a former (1906) typewriter factory, PaRaBaL is proud to be part of the Baltimore urban renewal story that is being fueled by young Millennials seeking creative jobs in the tech industry. Amid high ceilings, arched windows, and exposed brick, we are learning, living and distributing the technology of today. This city of neighborhoods offers an authenticity appealing to younger professionals who have rejected suburban sprawl and big corporate miasma. Emphasis is on a better work lifestyle – which is the PaRaBaL mission through Enterprise Mobility. “Work as you Live”. Promoting and enabling the use of your mobile device for work , not just your personal life, is PaRaBaL’s mission. A mobility mentality entwines work and life, to the benefit of both.

So come visit us in Baltimore - be charmed, be connected, be mobile. 

GSA Contract Holder Contract GS-35F-162AA
HUBZone Historically Underutilized Business Zone Certified

Curious About PaRaBaL's Culture?

Please feel free to check out a recent article written by AXIAL about how PaRaBaL's unique business strategy and culture is propelling us to the top!

PaRaBaL Named Top 100 Growing Companies in the Market

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